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Asian Taste!
gebakken kippenpoten in pittige saus
Asian cuisine
Asian Taste!

"Our restaurant has been temporarily closed as a result of measures relating to the corona virus. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for more information "

Asian Taste offers you dishes from five different Asian cuisines.

Enjoy the extensive range of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes that we offer you.

Step inside and discover the cuisines of Asia…

Never pay more than € 35 per person

Do you want to enjoy your meal but not worry about the budget?

A very attractive deal for making a culinary journey at Asian Taste!

At Asian Taste you never pay more than € 35 per person!

(Excl. drinks and prices during holidays)

Shared Dining

Why would you only choose one dish if you can choose from an endless number of dishes?

At Asian Taste we have deliberately chosen for the concept of ‘shared dining’.
By serving various smaller and larger dishes across the table,
you can enjoy the different dishes together with your company.
The way to dine in Asian culture!

Asian Taste offers you dishes from six different Asian cuisines

A selection of our popular dishes

Chinese kitchen

  • Dao Xiao Mian Fresh knife sliced noodles
  • Shui Zhu Niu Boiled beef with Sichuan-styled seasoning
  • Qing Zheng Yu Freshly steamed sea bass with fresh herbs
  • Chinese Hotpot Chinese hotpot at the table with a choice from an extensive range of fresh ingredients

Korean kitchen

  • Koreaanse BBQ Korean Grill at the table with a choice from an extensive range of fresh ingredients
  • Kimchi Fresh fermented cabbage in spicy marinade
  • Bibimbap Korean mixed rice in a spicy Gochujang sauce served in a sizzling hot stone bowl
  • Gimbap Korean snack roll in nori seaweed (Korean sushi)

Japanese kitchen

  • Sushi/sashimi
    Extensive range of freshly prepared sushi and sashimi
  • Poké Bowl
    Marinated rice bowl with fresh cubes of fish and vegetables
  • Osuimono
    Clear Japanese fish soup

Thai kitchen

  • Massaman Beef
    Beef in Thai Massaman curry
  • Thai Shrimp Salad
    Thai shrimp salad with fresh Thai vegetables & herbs
  • Tom Yum Kung
    Clear Thai Tom Yum soup with shrimps

Vietnamese kitchen

  • Phở
    Vietnamese noodle soup with beef
  • Vietnamese Springroll
    Vietnamese ricepaper rolls with fresh herbs
  • Viëtnamese loempia
    Traditional Vietnamese fried springrolls with chicken

European kitchen

  • Seafood Plateau
    Platter with a mix of seasonal seafood
  • Homemade Meatball
    Homemade meatball
  • Beef Peppersauce
    Steak with black peper sauce
  • Spareribs
    Fresh marinated spare ribs
*Terms and conditions
  • Excl. beverages and prices during public holidays
  • Waste of food is not appreciated at Asian taste; in the event of food waste, the dishes will be fully charged and the rule of a maximum of € 35 per person will be cancelled
  • Bringing your own food and drinks to the restaurant is not permitted
  • Not valid in combination with other promotions/offers